Sodium Bisulfite

Name:       Sodium Bisulfite    Molecule formula: NaHSO3Physical and chemical properties:  white monoclinic crystal type powder, when wet wi

Name:       Sodium Bisulfite    

Molecule formula: NaHSO3

Physical and chemical properties:  white monoclinic crystal type powder, when 

wet with a strong smell of SO2.No other smell after drying, the relative density of 1.48 

easily solublein water, easily decomposed when heated, slightly solublein ethanol,   

water-soluble acidic, reductive strongly, easily oxidized in air.

Quality Standards:

HG/T 3814-2006

Content ≥ %


Water insoluble ≤ %


Iron (Fe) ≤ %




Application:  Used in the bleaching of cotton fabric and organic compounds;  dyes,

paper making, leather making, such as chemical industry, used as reducing agent;

Pharmaceutical industry, for the production of analgin and aminopyrine intermediates; 

Used in the treatment of wastewater containing chromium, and used as electroplating 


Package: 25kg plastic woven bags  

Company Strength

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